The Top Five Films I’m Interested in Watching This Summer

I think I’ll be able to actually watch a few films this summer. If all works out, I hope to watch the following movies. Half are comic book-based movies, which appears to be this season’s trend. Anyway, here’s my list in order of anticipation:

The Dark Knight Rises

If you know anything about me, I do love some Batman! This is the last of Chris Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight detective. My expectations are high considering the last film.


I was excited about this movie when I saw the first teaser trailers. That excitement has lessened since seeing subsequent trailers. This is because trailers give away too much information.

The Avengers

Before seeing this movie, I thought it had the potential of a big letdown. To me the thought of too many characters and not enough screen time to develop each spelled doom. Boy, was I wrong? Nonetheless, I still looked forward to watching it. I may even watch it again before it leaves the theaters.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Charlize Theron as the evil witch. Well, worth the price of admission, right?

The Amazing Spiderman

I’m wondering about this reboot. It wasn’t long ago that Toby Maguire Spiderman came out, so why reboot? But the story looks new and different enough to be interesting. We’ll see.

AJ Giron @verbal