On Friday morning Farrah and I went to the hospital for the version procedure. We went as prepared as could be.

It was odd, walking to Labor and Delivery with Farrah. The last time we had been there was when Mia was born. I asked Farrah is she remembered this and that, but most of it was unrecognizable to her. Most likely her mind was elsewhere the last time we were there.

There was a lot of paperwork to fill out before the procedure. I suppose they needed all the paperwork just in case we needed to go into surgery. No one wants to be filling out forms when it comes down to crunch time. The receptionist then took us to a room to wait for the doctor.

A nurse came in to hook up Farrah to a fetal monitor, to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. We had to wait for about twenty minutes' worth of pulse readings before the doctor would come in to see us. The nurse also pressed on Farrah’s belly, acknowledging, “Yup, I think that’s a head” as she pushed on the top of her stomach.

The doctor came in with another doctor in training. She introduced herself and started up the ultrasound just to double-check the baby’s position. She began her scan toward the bottom of Farrah’s belly.

“She’s vertex,” the doctor proclaimed. “You can go home.”

Wow, she turned on her own! Farrah and I were so relieved. We didn’t get to go home right away though. They wanted to scan the baby more and try to determine its size and weight (a little over six pounds). Then we had to wait to be discharged. All the time doing paperwork and waiting to be released was actually longer than the time the doctor saw us!

It’s great to know the baby turned on her own. I wonder what that says about her, turning so late in the pregnancy?

AJ Giron @verbal