Induction Day

The plan today is to induce labor since Farrah isn’t showing any signs of giving birth as of yet.

They asked Farrah to call in at 7 AM to see when she could come in. We expected to go to the hospital after dropping off Mia at daycare. But the result of the 7 AM call was to call back at 9 AM, so we took our time getting Mia ready and off to daycare. She arrived there at 8:30, an hour after her normal arrival time.

Mia’s daycare is only a few blocks from the hospital. So we decided to find a close Starbucks to grab a coffee. Farrah then called in at 9 AM. They said now to call in at 2 PM - when people have checked out. Wow, were we ever going to be able to check in?

We made our way to Target to buy a few supplies. Then off to Palo Alto to have lunch at the La Boulange and check out the new Apple store (it’s gorgeous). Oh, and we grab some Philz’s Coffee.

Farrah calls in at 2 PM. Finally, the answer comes into the hospital at 3 PM. Check-in was smooth. We got settled in OK.

Now it’s just a waiting game.

AJ Giron @verbal