Mia and Her Reflection

Mia and Her Reflection

It’s amazing how babies can be occupied by their own reflection. Farrah placed Mia in front of the hallway mirror. Mia was able to occupy herself for a good ten minutes. She laughed, clapped her hands, and leaned forward to touch her reflection.his photo was taken on March 5, 2011, using the Canon S95.

Mia at Eight Months

Mia at Eight Months
Yesterday, Mia turned eight months old! Wow, it’s amazing how time moves so quickly. She’s not crawling yet, but she successfully flopped onto her belly from this sitting position.

We think she’s starting to teethe. There appears to be a little something in her front lower jaw. She seems OK with what is going on, only becoming fussy every once in a while. Also, she’s been amazing in sleeping through the night. This makes mommy and daddy very happy in the morning.

Happy eight months Mia!

This photo was taken the morning of March 2, 2011.

Rough Night

Lately, Mia has been able to sleep through the night. Unfortunately, she had a rough night sleeping last night. She woke up crying around 1:40am. This alone wouldn’t be so bad. But then she woke up crying twice more, once at 2:40-ish and then at 4:20-ish.

Each time she wakes up you go through the checklist: Is she hungry? Does her diaper need changing? Is she cold? None of these seemed to be the case last night. I think it came down to her not wanting to be alone, perhaps a night terror attack. Mia was only comforted by having her back and head rubbed while we stood next to her crib.

I’m sure she’ll have a few rough nights in the future. I imagine a time when she’s older, when she finds the dark corner in her room scary, or an unfamiliar noise outside will startle her awake. She’ll scream or cry, come running into our room and ask if she can sleep in our bed. We’ll say OK, but only for a little while. She’ll fall asleep in between Farrah and I. We’ll pick up her little self and place her back into her own bed. We’ll rub her back and her head, making sure she’s comfortably asleep.

I imagine a time, and I smile. I smile because she’s our little girl who’s coming to mommy and daddy for reassurance that everything is OK. And it is OK, even in the middle of the night.

I smile because she’s our little girl.

Mia and The Dark Knight

Mia and The Dark Knight Wow, Mia has already caught The Batman bug. Fighting crime at such a young age. For now, she’ll do as daddy does and be part of The Batman Family. I see her more in the role of The Huntress – Batman’s daughter in older comic books – rather than Batgirl. But she always has a choice. I have a feeling when she grows up she’ll be more of a Wonder Woman fan, like her cousin Kayla was when she was growing up. Did you hear they’re bringing back Wonder Woman to television? If that turns out to be a hit, I can see Mia in front of the TV watching the show.

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Mia is still learning to crawl. She’s comfortable being on her belly on the floor. She can pivot left or right, and can move ever so slowly backwards. But she hasn’t grasped the skill of forward movement yet.  When that time comes, I’m sure she’ll be taking off, crawling to every conceivable corner of the house.

Mia, Mommy, and The Monterey Bay Aquarium

We have wanted to take Mia to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but hadn’t found a good weekend to do it. Fortunately, we had the last weekend of January free of any commitments. We were also very fortunate to obtain two guest passes from my sister’s co worker who has an aquarium membership.

Asking for directions.

Since it was Mia’s first time there we tried to visit all the exhibits that she might find of interest. The first exhibit we saw was the seahorses. I’m not sure if Mia could actually make out the seahorses with her own eyes, but there were large monitors that gave a close up view of how they looked. I’m sure she could make them out from those images.

Looking glass.

We later went into the interactive area. Farrah placed Mia on what seemed like a water bed type pad. She really enjoy it swaying back and forth.

Bounce house like.

After our trip, we headed north to Santa Cruz to have dinner with the Trabers. Luckily, the weather on the way up to Monterey was cooperative. The drive to Santa Cruz was met with light drizzle. Luckily, there were no incidents to speak of. We spent an hour or so at the house, then headed to Riva’s for a nice seafood dinner.

All in all a good day.

Mia and the Jellyfish

These photos were taken on January 29, 2011.

Mia at Six Months

Time flies.  Time flies very fast.  January 1st not only marked the first day of the new year, but it also marked the sixth month Mia has been in our lives.  Some of the moments seem like a blur now.  Most likely this is due to the lack of sleep.  And the lack of sleep still happens on some nights.  But other moments are crystal clear, like her first smile, as if they happened yesterday.

As you can see from the short video above Mia is now trying to eat rice cereal, her first steps into the realm of solid foods.  She started showing an interest in food three weeks ago.  I’m sure we could have tried this earlier, but hey, everything worked out.  Next thing you know she’ll be asking for a rib-eye steak.  Oh, I can’t wait until she starts throwing food all over the place (note the sarcasm please).

We also notice Mia is more reactive, more interactive, and overall more aware of what is happening around her.  She now laughs, well it’s more of a giggle.  But it seems only mommy can make her consistently giggle.  She’s still as friendly as ever, going to anyone and everyone without much fuss.  She has her days where she doesn’t want to leave mommy or daddy’s arms, but those are few and far between. I’m sure this will change some day.

And Mia loves the outdoors, getting out of the house at the least.  The other day she seemed to be in a mood.  But once we left the house and ran errands, her mood changed from sour to a happy camper in a matter of moments.

She’s a wonder to watch.  I can’t imagine what the next months, and years, will bring.

The video was taken on January 2, 2011 in our dining room.

Salt – A Review

Angelina Jolie as Salt
Angelina Jolie as Salt

Netflix Synopsis:

After she’s accused of being a Russian sleeper spy, rogue CIA agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) goes on the run, using every tactic, accent and disguise she knows to elude her pursuers, clear her name and protect her husband. Her supervisor, Winter (Liev Schreiber), buys her story, while counterintelligence officer Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) decidedly does not and will do anything to stop her in this fast-paced, intrigue-filled spy adventure.

My Take:

I really wanted to like this movie, and I did for about the first third. But then it took a sudden turn downward when the movie changed direction from plausible to unbelievable super-action hero. I mean, I believe the Jason Bourne movies more than Salt. Granted, the film was well shot, the chases and stunts well choreographed. I know, it’s a movie, and things don’t have to be realistic. Perhaps it was my mistake going into this film hoping for an actual action/espionage film, as opposed to pure cartoonish action sequences. I prefer Angelina Jolie’s in Wanted than in this film.

For me, any empathy for “Salt” was lost, as the story failed to support her actions or motivation. But I guess this isn’t a movie about character motivation, but of the momentum of action.

Rating: Cable TV

Mia and Binky

Mia and Binky
Mia and Binky

Binky. Waa Waa. Chup Chup. ‘cifer. Well, it’s that green thing in this photo that Mia puts i her mouth to calm herself. We were at Maggiano’s celebrating Farrah’s birthday when I snapped this photo using the Canon S95.

This photo was taken on December 19th, 2010 at Maggiano’s.

Thanksgiving 2010

Another video, instead of a photo, today.  This video is from this past Thanksgiving.  There are so many things to be thankful for this year.  This was Mia’s first Thanksgiving.  We spent the first part of the day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast.

Later in the afternoon we traveled to the Traber’s house with Nana for Thanksgiving dinner. As always, my sister made a great turkey, and there was plenty of other things to eat as well.

This video was taken on Thursday, November 25, 2010.