What's Been Happening Besides Site Updates?

I haven’t posted anything personal lately.  I’ve been a bit busy with little things here and there.  Plus most of the things I want to vent about deals with work.  If you’ve read some of my past posts you’ll know about reasons for my hesitation to vent about work.

Farrah and I have been planning our concerts to see this year.  So far on the agenda there is U2, Tori Amos and Jack Johnson.  The Tori ticket buy was just as hectic as the U2 buy, as described earlier.  Jack Johnson went without a hitch because it is a general admission event.

Last week, March 12th, we went to Santa Cruz to celebrate Rex’s and my birthday.  We had some great ribs, and crab for those who didn’t want ribs.  I packed away my share of ribs, stopping at 9 - though I could have continued.  There are some digital pictures of the dinner, but I want to wait and get the film photos developed as well.

Gordon’s birthday was also this month, the 9th I believe.  Sorry for the check mix up Gordon.  Guess I was thinking of those [Girl Scout Cookies] that Tessie still needs to send!

AJ Giron @verbal