The Self Portrait Thing

Well, I broke out the 50mm lens - which I’m going to use for Kayla’s dance recital practice - and took some self portraits.  They turned out ok I suppose.  I think I’m a little too close to the camera.  Do they look a little washed out?  I’m sure I can fix it in post-processing if I really wanted to - or knew how.  I shot them in RAW format so this allows for easier tweaking of the image without degradation.  What do you think?

Thinking Mode

By the way, I’m cross posting this blog entry.  It seems that ‘LiveJournal’ has introduced a new feature called tagging.  It helps in categorizing postings, which the blog software WordPress did very well.  This gives me the ability to separate post by types easier.  If the tagging works pretty well, perhaps I won’t have to maintain the [LTF] blog separately after all.

AJ Giron @verbal