Sideshows Come to Sunnyvale?

I pull out of the house this morning around 7:00am.  I get to the corner of Ahwahnee and Fair Oaks, the first major intersection I hit as I head into work.  I stop at the red light and watch a guy in a black side-dented Chevy truck make a U-turn to go to south-bound 101, even though no u-turn is allow.  The guy in the black Chevy truck proceeds to go around in circle, burning rubber in the intersection, as people wait to cross.  He does this for about 4 or 5 circles, enough for the smoke and smell of burnt rubber to fill the air.  Then he takes off, satisfied that he has made a spectacle of himself.

It’s nice to start the day with a nice dose of idiocy.  I wonder what is going to happen the rest of the day.

AJ Giron @verbal