We're Married!!!

It is official!  Farrah and I our now husband and wife!

We took our wedding vows on the lagoon lawn at the //JW Marriot Ihilani yesterday afternoon. The weather was very nice, except for the gusting wind - which blew at about 15-20 mph - but that didn’t really make a dent in the day’s events. It’s only worth noting because today is such a calm day at Ihilani. But like I was telling Farrah, “That day was our day”.

Pre-ceremony photos ran a little behind, but it didn’t push our wedding start time back. We actually started on time at 4:30 PM. The wedding started with me walking my mother down the aisle to her seat. I then made my way back to the groomsmen where we walked in order behind the Pastor. We took our positions and waited for the bridal party.

//Cory Oliveros, the acoustic guitarist/singer we hired, started to sing “The Road that Never Ends”. I must admit when I heard this song and saw the bridesmaids line up in the distance, I started to tear up. The bridesmaids started about 30 yards away from the ceremony spot, walking on the lawn through the palm trees. I first saw Kayla, who made me smile so much. Then Kay, Kristel, Fina, Michelle and Yen.

Then off in the distance, from the starting point 30 yards away I saw Farrah and her parents. Cory then started to sing “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”. This really got me going. I couldn’t believe the amount of emotion I was trying to contain, not wanting to breakout in a full cry. I was very very happy.

The whole ceremony went off as planned. Pastor Curtis Fong conducted a wonderful ceremony. The only hiccup was the lei ceremony we wanted to be done. We conducted after the ceremony, at the wedding certificate signing table. So it wasn’t a big deal it didn’t take place in the main ceremony.

Farrah and I took more photos with the bridal party, and by ourselves, after the ceremony. Derek Wong was very meticulous in directing us during the photo shoot. I really liked the fact he was paying attention the everything in the shot - from items or people in the background to lighting. There were times where I wish shots could be taken quicker, but if you really want the photos to come out right you need to take some time. I really appreciate the pressure a wedding photographer must endure. I have faith that all the photos will be great!

The reception started almost on time in the Ocean Ballroom. Rodney Villanueva, our emcee, really had the crowd going. Rodney really had our guests laughing and the reception moved along smoothly with his guidance.

Wonderful dancing was provided by //Iwalani’s School of Dance and The Philippine Dance Group during dinner. Heartfelt toasts were given by Yen and Doug, and Lotte’s words about Farrah and I meeting were very touching.

After the professional looking slideshow was done by //Aloha Friday Productions was completed, we started the cake cutting and dancing. Farrah and her dad danced to “Butterfly Kisses” and Farrah and I danced to “Songbird”. I wanted to dance with my mother for a song, but time seemed to be slipping away.

The evening ended with everyone on the dance floor. We stayed for a while longer, but the full day had taken it’s toll on our energy. But it was a full and lovely day. Everyone who helped make this day happen cannot fully know how thankful we are for their support. I will post photos when I can. I just wanted to write this out while I had the chance.

I don’t think Farrah and I could have imagined a more perfect day.

AJ Giron @verbal