Things To Remember from this December

I wanted to jot down a few things to remember this month, besides the wedding.  Most of these events happened in Hawaii, so I guess it still involves the wedding in some way.


  • the lady on crutches at //Sam Choy Breakfast, Lunch & Crab who offered to take our photo during breakfast?  She took Farrah's camera, took a step back, and raised the camera over her head, then quickly fell to the ground.  She, the camera, and her crutches came tumbling down.  Ouch!
  • hearing the song, "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)" for the first time early one morning? //These lyrics are something to hear.
  • when everyone got sick? Farrah, Alex, Yen, Fina, Dad, Roger, Jane, Tiana (when we got here), and Dad's friend.  Roger had a sinus infection, Farrah was on antibiotics, and Yen was on a couple of different things.
  • getting the car towed from Jane and Roger's place?  I woke up at 6:00AM to go to Starbucks only to find the car had been towed.  I know the sign said don't park there from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM, but from what I understood that hadn't been enforced often.  Guess the Christmas season keeps everyone on their toes.
  • Khalil ordering shaved ice for everyone?  He was a little worried on how to order, but did a good job.  Only problem was that we asked for ice cream and beans, only to find out that there were no beans at the bottom of the cone.  Disappointment for all.
  • seeing stores open in Waikiki on Christmas night?  We drove back to the hotel at around 10:30 PM, passing by people coming out of different shops on the strip.  I guess Waikiki stores never close.
AJ Giron @verbal