Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend found Farrah and I not doing much out of the ordinary.  On Saturday, we decided to drive up to Tiburon for a quick look around town.  We then went to Salsulito for lunch at the Winship restaurant.  The weather in the North Bay was very cold and wet, compared to the partly sunny - yet still cold - South Bay.

Heading Across the Golden Gate Bridge

I’d never been to //Sausalito before but Farrah had been with Yen.  It’s a nice quite town, reminding me of downtown Campbell but closer to the ocean.  We first ate lunch because we (1) were hungry, and (2) wanted to get out of the cold and wet weather.  The //Winship restaurant was the second place we saw that looked like a decent place to eat.

The restaurant had a sea theme, with a faux ship in the middle of the place and turtle shell like lighting fixtures.  The menu both had seafood as well as burgers and other sandwiches.  We had to try the ‘Crispy Fried Calamari" as we make it a point to try fried calamari if restaurant serves it.  I was crispy, but lacked any special flavor.

I had the BBQ pork sandwich which was listed as an open face sandwich, but it didn’t come as such.  They had a variety of onions on it, both chopped, diced and sliced, which I thought was strange.  The sandwich tasted fine, though the BBQ sauce was neither tangy or sweet as if not to offend the taste buds.  Farrah had the Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich which she enjoyed.

After lunch, we walked around downtown.  We stopped by a candy store called Munchies, which offered a variety of salt water taffy.  The owner of the place was very friendly, offering customers the option of trying anything in the store.  We proceeded to load up a small bucket with a variety of flavors, choosing not to try anything beforehand.  We then headed to the local Starbucks for some coffee and conversation.

The Starbucks there has a nice view of one of the major intersections in town.  Farrah and I sat in tall barstool like chairs facing the window looking outside.  We watched the rain come down on people passing by, some coming in for a cup of coffee, others trying to make it to other stores on the strip.  We tried to come up with places to go to next, but decided to head back home as the weather appeared to be getting worse, and Farrah’s migraine, which started before lunchtime, was also becoming more discomforting.

Later that evening we went to Farrah’s parents’ house for dinner.  We had chicken, steak (ummm…steak) and leftover sushi rice Farrah had made the night before.  Afterward, we called it a day and headed home to watch some TV.

On Sunday, we decided to stay in and catch up on TV and movies.  We watched Elizabethtown (review forthcoming) and Farrah watched her other TV shows that I have a passing knowledge of (such as McCleod’s Daughters and Footballers Wive$)

Today we had lunch at the Boardwalk in Mountain View.  Farrah said the place was similar to St. John’s in Sunnyvale, a dark pub-like atmosphere where burgers, cheesesteaks, sausages, and beers are served.  I had the Louisiana Hot Sausage which was very very good.  The spiciness of the links didn’t registered until well after you started chewing on it.  Very nice.  We also had a basket of spicy curly fries which makes for a nice side order.  Farrah had the “Lo C” meal which consisted of two hamburger patties, cheese, salad and dressing.  She’s had this dish the few times she’s been there.  Afterward, we headed to the mall for a couple of hours of window shopping.

AJ Giron @verbal