When It Rains...

The day started off slow.  I took Farrah to work a little after 7:30 AM, later than I was planning.  I went back home, took a shower, then headed off to Cupertino to hang out at //Panera.

First thing to go wrong: absolutely no parking.  I circled five times around the small lot before giving up.  I then headed over to //Starbucks off of El Camino Real and Mathilda.  There I was met with no seating.  I’m batting 0-2.

I then headed over to the Starbucks on Mathilda and Evelyn. Parking and seating!  Looks like my luck was changing.  Oh, but then I logged onto the T-Mobile network.  I was wondering why I was paying more than expected for the WiFi connection I have been using through Starbucks.  It seems I misunderstood the terms.  So it has been costing me about $20 more than expected, the way I’ve been using their WiFI.  I’m feeling like an idiot at this point.

I stay there for an hour and head on out.  I got into my truck and started to back up.  The truck seemed a little sluggish, as if I was dragging something.  The steering was fine, so I proceeded forward thinking it was the wet road.  Oh, did I mention it was raining pretty hard today?  Anyway, I continue on, but now I’m a little concerned as I’m half way through the parking lot.  I pull over into a space and check the truck.  I make my way around the rear of the truck toward the passenger side then…BAM…flat tire!  The rain seems to be coming down harder at this point.

For the next hour, I struggle taking off the old tire, crawling on the ground to place the jack strategically.  I then lay on the ground to retrieve the spare tire from the undercarriage.  I get down on my hands and knees to get things right. Oh, did I mention it was raining?  Oh yeah I did.  But did I mention the wind?  Or the many people who walked by just looking?  They did have time to make comments, such as “Oh, this is a bad time for that to happen."  When is the f-ing good time for this to happen!?!?!?

Anyway, I’m tightening the last bolt of the spare I had just put on, when a guy in the next car walks up with a T tire wrench.  “Want to use this, sir?”, he asks.  Uh, a little late don’t you think?  It felt like he was trying to cover his butt with the karma police, but at least he made the gesture right?

Well, I’m back home, showered and in bed on the computer.  I don’t think I’m going to venture out until I pick up Farrah this afternoon.

Today may not be my day.

AJ Giron @verbal