Creature of Habit

I’m sure I was told this when I was in the military, most likely when I was overseas.  I was told to vary my routine.  I was told to take different routes to work.  I was told that if I frequently went into town that I was to vary the travel method and time going into town.  The speaker emphasized that we were creatures of habit and that this could be dangerous.  Clearly I’ve forgotten this lesson.

Right now, my habitual side is kicking in.  Someone is sitting in the seat I reserve (for myself) at //Panera.    I’ve never seen the dude here all the mornings I’ve been here.  He’s got papers sprawled out all over the table, showing he will be here for the long haul.  Doesn’t he know that’s my table?

He’s going to throw off my whole morning.  Yeah, if anything goes wrong today I’m going to blame him.

AJ Giron @verbal