Oh Paris. Paris?

Stars Are Blind

Paris Hilton

“It will surprise a lot of people because there’s real artistry coming from Paris.”

This above quote is about Paris, France, right?

No, the article is talking about Paris Hilton and her catchy pop-reggae-island-beat song that is playing all over the airwaves.  I’ve seen the glimpses of the video on VH1 so many times – but I haven’t been able to sit through the whole thing.

Just goes to show you: anyone in the digital age can be made a singer.

4 thoughts on “Oh Paris. Paris?

  1. I mean… come on… it kills me to see these people getting record contracts and air play when there are so many really talented struggling musicians out there.It really really sucks.Paris Hilton sucks.

  2. I suppose that's the benefit from not being dialed into MTV/VH1 – I get to miss the blaze of Paris Hilton.And I echo redfraggle: for every +1500 people with talent who stay anonymous, we get 5 manufactured pop stars. Fame is the ticket that gets you through any door.

  3. This may be a rumor, but my friend who works in the Fashion Industry claims to have met the woman who actually sung Paris' single. Apparently, as the story goes, she was originally a back up singer, and when the studio realized that her voiced carried over Paris' voice, they switched it so that the main voice is the other woman's.Like I said, who knows if this is true, but one interesting thing to notice is in the first version of Paris' music video she is lipsynching terribly. In the second release, there are very short cuts of her lipsynching, and more of her being…lame.

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