Celebrating a Graduation

This is the second post about last weekend. As I mentioned previously, a great deal happened.

Last Saturday was Kristel’s college graduation celebration at Dynasty Restaurant in Cupertino Square. The event was celebrated with a dinner, sharing plenty of food with family and friends. I believe we had a total of twelve large courses, each one topping the other. Farrah and I have always enjoyed Dynasty Restaurant and this time was no exception.

At the party, Farrah had an opportunity to catch up with a former co-worker, Teddy, who recently came back to the states. Later in the evening, Kristel gave a heartwarming speech thanking everyone for sharing this moment with her, as well as sharing her feelings regarding the support her family has given her thus far. Nice speech Kristel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera to capture any of these moments. After the fact, I wish I had done so. There were so many moments I could have captured. But for some odd reason, in the last several months, I have been very hesitant in taking photos. I think I am in a bit of a funk in this regard. I think I just need to pick up the gear and take photos.

AJ Giron @verbal