My Year in Review

Happy (belated) New Year to everyone!

I suppose my year in review is a bit late, but hey, I was enjoying my Winter Break!  I didn’t feel the need to blog. It was nice having almost two weeks off to recharge the batteries. Farrah and I didn’t go anywhere particular or do anything specific. We just simply enjoyed the time off.

Anyway, let me see if I can summarize my last year in one blog post.

  • Since the end of 2007, I’ve been lost in the idea of whether I should continue blogging or not. I’ve archived and deleted my Wordpress install on at least a handful of times this past year. At times I feel the urge to create a long post, something seemingly unsuitable for Facebook or tumblr. This makes me think maintaining a blog is a must. But as I think about it more, it could really work well on tumblr. I just have a difficult time giving up control of the content. You know, what if the Tumblr goes under? Would I lose my data? I mean, Pownce went away. I’ll probably wrestle with this idea again this year.
  • The big news for me this year was turning 40. I was in New York City when I turned 40. The trip was a present from Farrah. I must say New York was amazing. It wasn’t until later in the year that I felt a bit like a 40 year old.
  • We went to Hawaii for Tiana's birthday in September. It was the first time we had been back since the wedding.  Farrah went again in October for Grandma's 90th birthday.
  • We started exercising more. (This is when I started to feel my age!) We kick-started with personal training and are now doing it ourselves! I feel so much better.
  • I changed jobs and companies in May of last year. The type of work is different from what I was familiar with, but it uses skills I have in my “toolbox”. The work environment is familiar but different: I work from home! We converted one of the bedrooms into my office. What was it before? The computer room. What makes it an office? Oh, the speakerphone does.
  • I met up with good ol’ friends in Las Vegas. It was nice catching up. And man, Vegas has changed since I’ve been there last.
  • We watched several good concerts: The Bridge School Benefit, Rachel Yamagata, and Morcheeba. Farrah and Lotte saw New Kids on the Block on their reunion tour. Man, I wish I could have gone (he says sarcastically).
  • It was nice to get into politics last year. The political passion for the masses should exist in each election cycle. Hopefully, the future will be as bright as we envision.

I look back at the resolutions I made for last year. I managed to attempt all of them, but was only successful in maintaining one: the exercising.

What’s the resolutions for this year?

  • OK, I need to try using the CPAP machine again.
  • Lose weight - always a good thing.
  • Cook more / eat out less when possible.
  • Get rid of things, such as clothes, books, papers, old computer cables, etc.  Too much stuff just floating around.
  • Write on blog entry a week. I twitter and tumblr more often then blog, but blogging has been lacking as of late. I think I need a particular weekday to post to get me going.
  • Take more photos! Perhaps go out one day every two weeks for a photo assignment.
  • Keep in touch with friends more - or at least talk to them via Facebook. This seems to be the medium of choice lately.
  • Watch more movies! I’ve have not been watching movies much. I managed to watch several this Winter Break. I think I’d enjoy watching more good films, not necessarily in theaters though.

Well, that’s all the resolutions I can think of for now. Let’s see how I score next year.

AJ Giron @verbal