Mia at Six Months

Time flies.  Time flies very fast.  January 1st not only marked the first day of the new year, but it also marked the sixth month Mia has been in our lives.  Some of the moments seem like a blur now.  Most likely this is due to the lack of sleep.  And the lack of sleep still happens on some nights.  But other moments are crystal clear, like her first smile, as if they happened yesterday.

As you can see from the short video above Mia is now trying to eat rice cereal, her first steps into the realm of solid foods.  She started showing an interest in food three weeks ago.  I’m sure we could have tried this earlier, but hey, everything worked out.  Next thing you know she’ll be asking for a rib-eye steak.  Oh, I can’t wait until she starts throwing food all over the place (note the sarcasm please).

We also notice Mia is more reactive, more interactive, and overall more aware of what is happening around her.  She now laughs, well it’s more of a giggle.  But it seems only mommy can make her consistently giggle.  She’s still as friendly as ever, going to anyone and everyone without much fuss.  She has her days where she doesn’t want to leave mommy or daddy’s arms, but those are few and far between. I’m sure this will change some day.

And Mia loves the outdoors, getting out of the house at the least.  The other day she seemed to be in a mood.  But once we left the house and ran errands, her mood changed from sour to a happy camper in a matter of moments.

She’s a wonder to watch.  I can’t imagine what the next months, and years, will bring.

The video was taken on January 2, 2011, in our dining room.

AJ Giron @verbal