Mia watching an iPad

It has been a while. Again. Life has just been busy. But I have a few moments right now to put down a few thoughts.

As I write this, it is Friday afternoon. I’m on the train heading home. I am typing on my new iPad. This new little machine is a joy to work on. It is much faster than the original iPad, which is now Mia’s full-time companion. She uses it as her “mini-tv,” but also has a few story apps she enjoys. Her iPad is protected with the iGuy cover which makes it easier to carry around.

I bought the new iPad with 4G - the Verizon version. I find the wicked machine fast on the Verizon network when I’m able to get a signal, which has been done most of the time. There has only been one problematic area when leaving SF on the train. But other than that the machine has been smokin'.

I recently had a birthday. My birthday. Another one. Well, it’s a good thing, right, consider the alternative? I’m not particularly reflective, at least not yet. I’m sure I will have a moment to contemplate the year that has passed. But that moment isn’t right now. Right now I’m wondering what’s for dinner.

I, again, hope to write more soon. I hope to post more photos, soon. I hope to do plenty of things - soon. We’ll see what I can accomplish.

AJ Giron @verbal