Mia Sleeping Mia Bee

GPOYW - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday - is a tumblr tradition I’ve never participated in. But I think I’ll start, but change it up to be GPOMW - Gratuitous Picture Of Mia Wednesday. Let’s be honest, I’ll post photos of Mia anyway. So why not make it an every Wednesday occurrence?

For the inaugural post, I’m using a few photos.  The above series of photos were taken in Mia’s newly built crib on July 13, 2010. Mia’s cousin Kayla help me put the crib together earlier in the day.  So we placed Mia down for a test run.  In a few photos, she is laying next to a Bee flash card, which represents one of the nicknames we gave her and often call her by.

AJ Giron @verbal