Mia and Wink

Mia and Wink

One of Mia’s favorite toys is the Winkel, or Wink as we call it. She just seems to like gnawing on the little sucker. She also can wave it around now and almost throw it - of course not on purpose. I was able to take a series of photos through the crib slats using the Canon 17-55mm lens.

The photo was taken on November 6, 2010.


It’s a video bonus! Enjoy.

Note: I am trying out Vimeo for videos. If you can comment, either on Facebook or here, on how the video loads for you, it would be helpful. I can then decide whether to stick with Vimeo or go with YouTube. A YouTube version of the same video is below.

Vimeo version

YouTube version. 

AJ Giron @verbal