Mia and Roseola

Mia and RoseolaMia and Roseola

I believe it started on Sunday. A slight redness developed on her cheeks. By Tuesday, it spread ever so slightly to her arms. Today we saw a doctor who diagnosed it as roseola.  It’s nothing serious.  It seems to look worse than it is.  Either way, Mia is staying home with me today.

Mia had her second set of immunizations on Friday.  The occurrence of roseola after the shots appears to be coincidental, as the vaccines she was given wouldn’t normally produce a rash.  She had a rough night last night - waking every two hours wanting attention and food.  But today, at least for now, she’s in good spirits.  If the rash gets better tomorrow, she’ll be able to go back to daycare.

This photo was taken on the night of November 16, 2010.  It was taken after Mia took her bath.  You can see a bit of the rash on her cheeks.

AJ Giron @verbal